Friday, 25 January 2013

1750 fully done wooo.....

So this week i decided to skip painting the rough riders (will they ever be done?) and paint the last 2 models to make my 1750 point list as i currently don't have a fully painted army and would be nice to have one finished off.

First was the Vanquisher which is an old Leman Russ kit moderned up so new style heavy bolters and an extended barrel with the addition of some chaos spiky bits to tie it in to the rest of the army, a banner top from the blood crusher sprue was added to the turret, but no dead Brazen claws this time...
I had seen some pics on the forge world face book group this week of some tanks with weathered barrels so gave it a go making the end of the barrel look like it had smoke damage, this was done by layering up glazes of Abbadon black until it was dark enough.

The big project of the week was the Bloodthirster which was converted from 3 kits the plastic demon prince, a doombull and the main part of the conversion Scyla Anfingrimm, I used him as the base of the model due to his size and how bat shit crazy he looks, I had the tail on the model for ages but while i was green stuffing up the shoulders to hold the wings it was removed with a pair of clippers and i didn't look back.
I continued the colour scheme i had used for the bloodletters but spent allot more time on the flesh and getting smooth blends on both the white and black parts of the model.
The spines and teeth were painted in the same way as i had done the masks on all the guardsmen but i took this a few stages further to make it look like bone, having the spines and teeth both this colour tied the whole model together better when the spines were black they were lost in the fur.
The army list!

Company command, Plasma pistol, plasma gun,regimental standard, vox caster 95

Infantry platoon
Platoon command, vox caster, heavy flamer 55
Infantry squad flamer, auto cannon 65
Infantry squad flamer, auto cannon 65
Infantry squad commissar( power weapon), flamer, vox caster, auto cannon 115
Heavy weapons team auto cannons 75

Priest with evisorator 60
Penal legion 80

Vanquisher, heavy bolters 175

Demolisher, heavy bolters 185

Exterminator, heavy bolters 170

Agies defence line Quad gun 100

Hellhound 130

Bloodthirster 250

Bloodletters 128

So thats 1750 points fully painted next stage is to get it too 2000 points then maybe do some funky stuff or a display base for it..

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